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'Treat Your Feet'



'Treat your Feet'



Choose from a variety of 'flavors' for relaxing your tired, overworked feet in a warm, soothing foot bath. The flavors include:

● Pumpkin Harvest

● French Lavender

● Sage & Citrus

● Peppermint

● Red Ginger & Currant

● Vanilla Cream & Cinnamon

● Green Tea & Lemongrass

● Lemon Pineapple Coconut

● Pomegranate

● Cranberry – Orange

● Mango

● Bamboo

If you have a favorite, please mention that when scheduling your appointment.


Fun Appetizers 

Twinkle Toes - $20

Just want to soak your cares away? Relax your ‘sole’ and let your toes play with the stones in the bottom of the bowl. 

Rub My Feet - $35

Just want a foot massage? Sit back, relax and feel the stress leave yourbody as you get a lower leg and foot massage. Your lower legs and feet are treated to a soothing massage while you enjoy the warmth of a heat pack around your shoulders. End with your feet in heated booties.  

Soothing Sides

Add a 'side order' to your foot bath experience. Would you like to have a foot scrub as part of your goot bath? Do you want your hands and forearms massaged while your feet relax in a warm bath? 

SOS - $40

Scrub our Soles – Enjoy your favorite ‘flavor’ of foot bath, ending with an energizing foot scrub to refresh your ‘sole’.  

Soothe Your Hands - $45

As your feet comfortably soak, your relaxation is heightened with a forearm and hand massage. 

Soothe Your Sole - $45

Feel the stress leave your body as you enjoy your favorite ‘flavored’ foot bath, followed by a soothing lower leg and foot massage. 


Deliciously Relaxing Entrees

All Entrees Include: a warm foot bath, foot scrub, lower leg and foot massage, heat pack behind or draped over you. 

Meat and Potatoes - $65

This is the basic ‘Treat Your Feet’ experience. It consists of a relaxing foot bath, followed by a refreshing foot scrub, ending with a relaxing lower leg and foot massage.  

Toasty Tootsies - $75

Take your basic ‘Treat Your Feet’ experience, add the heated booties to your feet after the foot massage and you have Toasty Tootsies bliss.  

The 'Sole' Enchilada - $125

Enjoy the whole ‘sole’ and body experience. Choose the ‘flavor’ of your foot bath to suit your mood, immersing your feet in warmth. Then enjoy a forearm and hand massage, ending with your hands in heated mitts. Add a foot scrub, lower leg and foot massage, ending with your feet in heated booties. Sound relaxing?


Heavenly Dessert

Chocolate Comfort - FREE!

For your foot massage, ask for the Chocolate Cake scented oil. You’ll be glad you did!

Smoothie - FREE!

For your foot massage, Smoothie lotion 'flavors' include:

Blueberry/Banana          Pear/Fig

ZCoconut/Pineapple       Cranberry/Fig

Kiwi/Lime                       Lemon/Guava

Pomegranate/Mango       Plain (unscented)













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